Backscratchers Extreme Acrylic

Extreme Powder Glaze acrylic dip system is a healthier alternative to traditional acrylics. It is a low odour non-toxic system which combines the best of resin and acrylic technology. There is NO DAMAGE TO THE NATURAL NAIL because acid primers, liquid monomers and MMA are not required and there is no filing on the natural nail plate.

Backscratchers Glass Glaze Fibreglass

Glass Glaze Fibreglass system is a healthy, non-toxic pH balanced system which feels light and natural whilst being very strong and durable. This system does not dehydrate or damage the natural nail and minimal buffing and filing is required.


Orly Gel FX Nail Polish is a gel polish that is gentle to the nail plate, cuticles and skin, making it one of the leading gel polish brands available. The reflective formula used in the product gives it a high shine without dulling. Offering a chip-free application that lasts up to 2 weeks.

IBD Just Gel Nail Polish

IBD Just Gel Polish is a 100% pure gel formula that lasts chip-free for weeks. It cures quickly under LED or UV light with a rich, high gloss and superb finish.